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The Licensing Rush winners are…

March was an exciting month at 500px, as we launched a new, thrilling contest, Licensing Rush, in dedication to our amazing 500px Licensing community.

We were blown away by the number of photographers who participated in the contest and the volume of submissions. The competition was fierce, as photographers vied to have the most photos accepted to Licensing throughout the contest period.

We’ve counted the numbers and are excited to announce the winners of the cash prizes!

In first place is IndigoLotos—Oleg Begunenco—$300 US prize

Branch of pink flowers by Oleg Begunenco on

Closeup of beer and foam. by Oleg Begunenco on

Chocolate ice cream with scoop by Oleg Begunenco on

Background of tinsel. Christmas decoration. by Oleg Begunenco on

Oleg is a Modovia-based stock photographer. He takes first place with 603 accepted photos throughout the month of March! Oleg’s submissions focus on everyday items shot against white backgrounds. Using close-ups, he is able to capture rich colors and textures in a creative way.

Coming in second place is AllNea—Olha Dobosh—$150 US prize

Rear view of woman sitting on retaining wall by sea against sky by Olha Dobosh on

Woman taking pictures of flowers by Olha Dobosh on

Young woman with dog lying on grass by Olha Dobosh on

Midsection of woman making art product at table by Olha Dobosh on

Olha’s submissions focus on lifestyle and conceptual imagery. With 165 accepted photos, Olha is able to capture a variety of different scenes and scenarios that easily connect with popular commercial themes of sustainability, travel, adventure, self-care, and mental health.

Lastly, third place goes to Luboschlubny—Luboš Chlubný—$50 US prize

Sunset over Misurina Lake with sky. Dolomites Alp Mountains, Dolomiti Alps, South Tyrol, Italy by Luboš Chlubný on

Honeycomb full of bees. Beekeeping concept. Bees in honeycomb. by Luboš Chlubný on

The green mamba (Dendroaspis viridis), a venomous snake by Luboš Chlubný on

Sunrise over alpine peaks and The Tofane Group in the Dolomites, Italy, Europe by Luboš Chlubný on

Taking the bronze with 104 accepted photos, Luboš’s photos focus on the beauty of the natural world around us, capturing stunning landscapes and a variety of wildlife.

There were many more awesome photographers who came close to taking one of the top three spots. Be sure to watch out for the next Licensing Rush announcement, and your chance to win!

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