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Top 11 Trends Out of Millions of Styles

We’ve outlined 11 great and exciting styles as the most influential and noteworthy graphic design trends for 2023, among millions!

Graphic design is a universe of shapes, colors, and effects, all working in symbiosis to make the viewer immersed in new feelings, impressions, and experiences. Enjoy a great video that represents the never-ending diversity of graphic design styles gathered together.


So, let’s dive into each trend of the top 11 graphic design trends in 2023! Enjoy plenty of amazing examples that will load you with inspiration and expand your perspectives on how you see and create a design.

Trend #1: The Clay Look

Finding perfection in the imperfect is one powerful message behind this trending graphic style. The Plasticine Clay design effect is achieved by using a digital technique or real plasticine.

Cute funny character designs in clay style

Example by Ramy Wafaa

Unlike classic 3D design that usually presents glossy, smooth surfaces, the Plasticine Clay graphic design trend in 2023 introduces imperfect bumpy surfaces that seem to be shaped with fingers. It is here to remind you that beauty hides in imperfection.

But there is even more. The Plasticine Clay design is one that goes through ever-lasting metamorphosis. It never dries. It knows no limits. It can be modeled and reused in infinite ways, many times. This revolutionary graphic design trend for 2023 motivates you to seek a constant change, to explore and experiment. It is here to tell you that the power to change the world is in your own hands.

Key elements of Plasticine Clay design trend in 2023
  • Introduces imperfect bumpy surfaces made by a digital technique or real plasticine.
  • Reminds you to search for perfection in the imperfect.
  • Encourages an ever-going metamorphosis, a drive to shape your own future.

Here are some great examples of the Plasticine Clay graphic design trend that perfectly illustrate the imperfection introduced by this style, and the constant metamorphosis that one goes through.

Example by Francesca Di Vito, Federico Piccirillo

Colorful clay design graphic example in 2023

Example by Szymon Czajka

Funny cute rooster made of plasticine example

Example by Subd1v

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Example by Andi Meier

Book cover design with clay characters

Example by Larissa Honsek

Cute orange clay character design in 2023

Example by Joseph Wakerley

Amazing clay illustration with modern shapes trending in design 2023

Example by Tati Astua

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Trend #2: 3D Memphis Style

The well-known Memphis art movement, which had its first apogee in the 80s, is now back on the graphic design stage with its bright colors, bold combinations, patterns of contrasting colors, simple and abstract geometric shapes. But this time, all presented through the prism of a 3D digital reality.

The 3D Memphis design style of 2023 invites you to a real fest of colors, stimulating your senses to experience new exciting sensations. It’s a brilliant design approach based on 3D geometry and an experimental play of colors that reminds you to search for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Key elements of the 3D Memphis design in 2023
  • A well-known 80s style reborn through the prism of 3D reality.
  • Based on bold combinations of 3D geometry and bright colors.
  • Encourages to search for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Dive into the diversity of 3D Memphis style design examples, all based on the same design principles but providing so versatile experiences.


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Example by Humberto Rapelli

Colorful 3Dpeople designed with memphis shapes in modern style

Example by Alberto Seveso

Example by My Name is Wendy Studio

Realistic design with modern shapes and textures modern in 2023

Example by Jie Mei

Creative blue and orange 3d design with memphis elements

Example by Bohdan Patuk

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Example by Johana Kroft

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Trend #3: Clean Style

In contrast to the colorful 3D Memphis style, comes the clutter-free clean style to bring calmness and purity to the graphic design world. This style allows you to embrace the essence of things.

The clean graphic design style gets rid of patterns, ornaments, and decorations to create breathing room for what really matters. In some designs, it is presented through the depth of a 3D reality as a predominant design technique we observe. For others, it’s just plain flat minimalism.

The main color palette of the Clean graphic design style presented on the digital stage, consists primarily of white, light beige, and whitish tints of other colors of the color wheel, all conveying the feeling of cleanliness in its purest form.

Key elements of the Clean Style design in 2023
  • A clutter-free design that leaves all patterns, ornaments, and decorations out.
  • May be presented through the 3D design technique or plain flat minimalism.
  • The color palette consists of prevailing white or whitish tints of color.

In the following good examples, you will see variants of the Clean style using white as a predominant color, pale tints of beige, pale blue, pale pink, or simply clutter-free design that focuses on the product.

light clean modern website design in 2023

Example by

3D web design with clean style

Example by

Creative minimal website with 3d animation

Example by

When it comes to package design, the Clean style really finds a lot of applications. While being quite subtle, minimalist, and well… clean, this design style manages to make the product stand out in an elegant, yet strong and memorable way.

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Example by Forner Studio

Example by Herman Scheer

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Trend #4: Trippy Design

Yes, you read it correctly. This design style offers a surrealistic experience in response to the growing demand for sense-provoking visuals. The Trippy design sends the viewer on a journey to a non-existent, fictional reality. If you describe it as “too much”, you won’t be wrong.

Example by Joe Taylor

The Trippy Design is not defined by any particular rules besides distorting the reality as much as your imagination allows. Designers usually present a mishmash of styles that may or may not follow logic.

The sequence or combination of styles doesn’t obey restrictions, too. The wanted effect is the feeling of having hallucinations. It can easily make you dizzy and it’s hard to say it’s aesthetic. But the Trippy design is definitely rebellious which is why it managed to get among the most popular trends on the graphic design stage in 2023!

Key elements of the Trippy design trend in 2023
  • A mishmash of styles that may not follow the logic in terms of design aesthetics.
  • Creates a surrealistic experience that resembles the effect of having hallucinations.
  • Challenges the designer to push their imagination beyond all established design rules and restrictions.

The Trippy design surely carries a rebellious spirit in it. Here are some awesome examples of Trippy design put into action.





Abstract website with hypno style example in 2023

Example by

Abstract trippy site design trendy example

Example by

Colorful liquid trippy design poster example

Example by Sangho Bang

Trippy trend in 2023: colorful abstract illustration example

Example by Trippiesteff !

Colorful trippy effect animation in 2023

Example by El Dorado