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Watch a flying deer spoil New Jersey man’s truck sale

If you’ve ever bought or sold a vehicle from an individual, you know how hard it can be to come to an agreement on price and get an accurate description of the vehicle’s condition. One New Jersey man thought he had the sale of his 2007 Chevy Silverado squared away, but in a stroke of terrible but extremely humorous luck, the truck had a run-in with local wildlife just as the buyer arrived to make the purchase.

Jay Vaughan’s security camera captured the moment that his truck’s buyer arrived at his home in Mays Landing, NJ. Just as the buyer arrived, a buck jumped into view, flying over the other cars in the driveway before smashing into the side of the truck bed. Deer-car complications are relatively common, especially in rural areas, but this is genuinely something different. The buck’s timing is impeccable, as it collided with the truck at the exact moment the buyer pulled up.

The deer immediately hopped up and didn’t waste any time leaving, but Vaughan’s truck came away from the encounter with a significant dent. Vaughan posted on Facebook that he’d described the truck as mint, and the buyer had committed to the purchase – and the drive from north Jersey – with that understanding. Unfortunately for Vaughan, the damage cost him some money, as he was forced to shave $1,000 off his sales price to compensate.

Some people might not have taken the situation as lightly as Vaughan did, but he seems genuinely amused by what happened despite losing a grand on the sale. Facebook commenters all seemed quite entertained with the story as well, though some worried that the deer was hurt in the incident. Vaughan put those fears to rest with a confirmation that it left the scene unhurt, but let’s hope it learned a lesson about running into vehicles – parked or otherwise.

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