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The Road to Accountable AI: Elham Tabassi on Framing and Taming AI Risks

Join Professor Kevin Werbach and Elham Tabassi, Associate Director for Emerging Technologies at NIST, as they explore the nuances of the NIST AI Risk Management Framework (RMF). Their discussion illuminates the science of measurement, the challenges of operationalizing legal and governance requirements for AI, and the pursuit of standards for trustworthy AI. During the conversation, they delve into the diverse challenges businesses face when adopting the AI RMF and how the Trustworthy AI Resource Center serves as a critical tool to keeping entities at the forefront of technology. They examine the intricate task of measuring AI systems, tackling biases of all kinds, and overcoming the socio-technical barriers that influence the development of standards. With NIST’s non-regulatory role fostering transformative policies, the discussion offers insights into the responsible growth of AI technologies, setting the stage for a future where AI safety and trustworthiness are tangible realities.

Elham Tabassi is Associate Director of Emerging Technologies at NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US Commerce Department, and Chief Technologist of the US government’s new AI Safety Institute. She was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in AI, because of her role in the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, or RMF.

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