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    the full history of Fleetwood Mac and not just the one album, Rumours. I so agree with this comment on an earlier song of their written and sung by the great Bob Welch, the song Hypnotized: “I am of the opinion that excluding Bob Welch from Fleetwood Mac’s induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame was an enormous miscarriage of justice and diminishes Fleetwood Mac and the Hall of Fame itself. He almost single-handedly navigated them from the Peter Green years to the Nicks/Buckingham years. This song is a perfect example of his genius and groove that he brought to his music. RIP Bob Welch”. That song can be found on yt and is one of their greatest and Welch was crucial in forming the vision of the band as a whole. This film mentions him in passing as if he were…well, a nobody. He wasnt.

    Gold Dust Woman is about cocaine, Nicks has said that outright. She was in an old yahooo group I was in on benzo withdrawal which makes cocaine & heroin w/dal look like short picnics, but she would contribute to the group, always loved her for that as well as her musical talents. Recommend.

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